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Consider Agricultural Waste Uses Before You Toss Out Your Kitchen Waste

Consider Agricultural Waste Uses Before You Toss Out Your Kitchen Waste

Why agricultural waste? In our previous blog post we talked about Zero Waste Hierarchy. Towards the bottom of the hierarchy, was the landfill. That is the last place we would want our beautiful natural resources to end up.   Over the past few decades, waste generation has become a huge issue. Producing waste is obviously not something that can be stopped completely but the alarmingly high rates of generation pose another problem for the planet- disposal. Among the many different types of wastes, one that is significantly overlooked is agricultural waste. Now if you’re not involved in large-scale organic farming or growing your own produce, you may wonder; what does agricultural waste have to do with me? Agricultural waste has a potential to become a great source of energy and serve as a replacement for many artificial processes or products. The modern kitchen is an agricultural waste haven! To dive deep into what agricultural waste is, we must first know what it constitutes of.

 Agricultural waste has four main categories:

  • Animal waste: this could include animal excreta(manure), animal carcasses, etc.
  • Farming waste: this could include the parts of crops that are mostly discarded. For example, cornstalks.
  • Toxic chemicals: this includes pesticides, insecticides that are often used in agriculture.
  • Food Processing waste:  such as items removed from fruits and vegetables during cleaning, processing, cooking, and/or packaging.

Even though we may think that our kitchen food-waste doesn’t cause much harm… when we add a few billion people to the mix the statistics change quite rapidly. Most landfills release greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change: methane gas escapes during the building process. Incineration leaves some toxic ash waste, and the burning process releases a vast amount of carbon dioxide into our precious atmosphere. Furthermore, during disposal, what we essentially lose out on are sources of energy or the potential to use what we consider ‘waste’ to produce something valuable. 

The simplest way to prevent your agricultural waste from ending up in landfills is to reduce the disposal of fruit and vegetable leftovers.

For example, did you know that rice husk ash or charcoal can be used to make activated carbon? Activated carbon can be used to make medicines or to whiten your teeth. Banana peels can be used as a paper making pulp. Solves the problem of cutting down trees eh? Palm oil, which is extracted from the palm fruit, can be used as an organic fertilizer as opposed to the harmful chemicals. Animal waste serves as a great fertilizer as well! The onion skins that we often discard without a thought, have anti-fungal properties that help relieve skin itches.

At Karmic Seed, we truly believe in the potential to make the best out of waste.

We believe in the concept of sustainable development and strive to find a green alternative for everyday products. We, along with our customers, envision an eco-friendly future. To imagine that something as widely-used as a bowl, could be made out of discarded coconut shells, makes us really happy. Fallen palm leaves finding a second life as an areca plate, sounds quite amazing isn’t it?   Our aim is to bring you eco-friendly products to make your transition into a waste-free lifestyle, much smoother. What we casually term “agricultural waste” might just be the cure to all problems, served to us on a golden platter by mother nature!

Zero Waste Hierarchy And How It Will Help You Shop Better

Zero Waste Hierarchy And How It Will Help You Shop Better


In an environmentally conscious world ZERO WASTE has become less of a scientific concept and more of a lifestyle choice. However, for someone just starting out, this lifestyle can seem a bit overwhelming at first. The zero waste hierarchy is a great tool that serves as a guide when making conscious purchasing decisions. Keeping this zero waste hierarchy in mind will help you feel more at ease when shopping.


These are the five levels in the Zero Waste Hierarchy in the order of most preferred to least preferred



We believe that the golden question to ask is ‘Do I really need this?’.

We live in a materialistic and trend-driven world, which leads to a very toxic and cluttered environment. What one might describe as ‘hoarding’, spells doom for Mother Earth. Just imagine the amount of waste a single person throws out when they do the routine spring cleaning! Now multiply that by billions. Scary, isn’t it?

As consumers, we need to make smarter choices and invest our money in the ‘needs’ and not the ‘wants’. If there is a green alternative to the product you desire, go for it. The more conscious we are of the decisions we make, the more time companies and organizations will dedicate towards preparing products for their environmentally aware consumers.



If there was one common thing that was taught to all kids by their elders,

it was this- don’t waste anything.

Empty boxes found a new life as a storage container. Old newspapers were used to line steel containers. Water that couldn’t be consumed, served as an extra bit of elixir for the plants. Peels of fruits were buried deep into the earth to be used as fertilizer. 

Did you know that our Areca plates and bowls are made from fallen leaves of the Areca palm tree?  



Wouldn’t you love the ability to give a second life to something that has reached or exceeded its shelf life?

Karmic Seed is all about second chances. What looks like waste to someone else, is our building block to something beautiful. All of our products have been upcycled and turned into items that can be used daily.



This concept is not that popular but is practiced by few.

For example, in rural areas of India, cow dung is used to produce biogas. The gas produced is said to be rich in methane. Did you know that coconut shells, when burnt in limited amount of air can be used to make activated carbon? Being 100 percent natural, it is completely safe. It is used in the manufacture of medicines and as food supplements.



This is the last option when no other option remains in the zero waste hierarchy.

Landfill usually affects the groundwater quality which is why it is least preferred. Aiming at However, our products, being all natural, wouldn’t pose a threat. In fact, if used correctly they can help improve the soil quality!


At Karmic Seed we are constantly striving to go up the hierarchy and help the environment in small ways. This is the reason why we thank our customers for shopping responsibly!


Coconut Bowls And Their Significance In The Modern World

Coconut Bowls And Their Significance In The Modern World

Whеn a сосоnut is cracked open usually the water and coconut meat is consumed, typically what is lеft over is the сосоnut ѕhеll that our beautiful coconut bowls are made of. Unfortunately, today the shell of the coconut is typically burned which adds to carbon emissions in the air that we breathe.

Our ancestors were crafty, they knew that every part of the tree could be utilized. Even today in certain places such as India, Vietnam, Puerto Rico, Mexico, etc. You will find people are still using the outer shell, but unfortunately, it’s becoming a dying art. At Karmic Seed we want to revive the practice of using cосоnut bоwlѕ as they truly are a gift from mother nature.


Help Save The Planet in Style

Of thе bіllіоnѕ оf coconuts harvested each уеаr, a high percentage of thе shells аrе discarded аnd burned as wаѕtе. At Karmic Seed we up-cycle these ѕhеllѕ into beautiful, eco-friendly bоwlѕ mаdе from rеаl сосоnutѕ.

Thе сосоnut ѕhеllѕ are hаndmаdе frоm rесусlеd сосоnutѕ. Eасh сосоnut іѕ сut, сlеаnеd аnd sanded; turning thеm іntо beautiful coconut bowls thаt you саn еаt frоm. Eасh cосоnut bоwl is thеn finished wіth an organic virgin сосоnut оіl polish.

Surprisingly, many bоwlѕ іn thе mаrkеt are nоt thаt ѕаfе to ѕеrvе fооd from bесаuѕе they contain сhеmісаlѕ and heavy metals thаt саn роѕе a dаngеr tо оur hеаlth and planet. Wіth our coconut bоwlѕ, there is no coating other than organic coconut oil thus making them 100% chemical free and nature made.

In аddіtіоn, bу рurсhаѕіng a coconut bоwl, уоu аrе асtіvеlу ѕuрроrtіng glоbаl ѕuѕtаіnаbіlіtу. Aѕ a result, your contribution helps сrеаtе thе сulturаl change that Karmic Seed is working tоwаrdѕ.

Incorporate Mindful Eating Habits

Our ancestors knew the secrets to live a wholesome life. They worked with Mother Nature, not against her. Incorporating mindful eating habits was not just about human health, it was also about being in sync with our environment. With the onset of technology man has been able to make vital innovations which have undeniably helped the human race, but on the other hand, it has also greatly affected man.

If we can understand the concept of mindful eating from its source to it’s very end we can learn to connect deeper with our surroundings. We hope that our Karmic Coconut Bowls act as a tool to help guide and inspire you to reconnect back into the lap of nature.


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