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The war on toxic plastic is in full effect. As the compelling evidence of world hazard surmounts the companies attempting to keep us blind to the ocean pollution and health ailments caused as a direct result of plastic, is no longer a topic we can continue to ignore. Here are the top 3 harms plastic and its ubiquitous composition creates:


Harms Our Oceans

It comes as no shock that plastic is non-biodegradable and pollutes our oceans every day. From overflowing landfills of plastic bottles and products to commercial fisherman disposing of their harvesting equipment, plastic nets and fishing lines, our oceans and marine wildlife suffer at the hands of humans disposing of plastic waste.

Our wildlife meets a premature death when plastic toxins are ingested. Our marine ecosystem’s health is compromised and future reproduction of our underwater friends is halted.

Harms Our Health

Many believe plastic only effects our oceans. However, plastic pollution can wreak havoc on our health, too. When plastic meets soil, our food resources are damaged. When water becomes exposed to the toxicity of plastic’s genetic makeup, such as methylene chloride, our respiratory systems are compromised and cause future medical problems.

Harms Our Atmosphere

Plastics are typically comprised of petroleum, which include HGL, or hydrocarbon gas liquids. These chemicals release greenhouse gasses. Greenhouse gasses entrap radiation within our atmosphere which causes our Earth’s temperature to elevate higher than it should be. The excess carbon dioxide from plants that manufacture plastic additionally contribute to our atmospheric warfare and our health ailments.

Plastic continues to regurgitate itself to the point of polluting our world. It does exactly what it is designed to do: remain. And as it continues to remain, our Earth and health ironically and paradoxically perish.

At Karmic Seed we work with the most sustainable products in the world. We offer 100% chemical-free, biodegradable straws, tableware and bowls to promote a plastic-free, healthier environment for us all to enjoy. Please visit us at to see our wholesome inventory to achieve a chemical-free life!

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