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Palm Leaf Plates,

Wooden Cutlery,

Wheat Drinking Straws,

And More!

Argo-waste products

Help us tackle air-pollution and add to farmers income by buying products that are typically burned.

100% Biodegradable

All our products are compostable and will go right back into the soil.

Chemical-free products

You’ll never have to worry about chemicals or anything artificial added to karmic seed products.

 Our Mission :

 Sowing seeds of responsibility by creating products made from agricultural waste in an effort to help restore the environment and create social change.

Wheat Drinking Straw

 Made From 100% Wheat Straw



Completly Plastic-Free

Areca Palm Leaf Tableware

Elegant Chic Tableware

100 % Compostable

Microwave-Safe And Safe For Baking

Freezer Safe And Leak Proof


Coconut Bowls

   Made From Real Coconuts 

No Artificial Glues Or Coatings

Clean With Just Soap And Water

 Reusable Coconut Shell Bowls  

The War on Plastic Pollution

The war on toxic plastic is in full effect. As the compelling evidence of world hazard surmounts the companies attempting to keep us blind to the ocean pollution and health ailments caused as a direct result of plastic, is no longer a topic we can continue to ignore....

Zero-waste Halloween: how to have a waste-free celebration!

Halloween is right around the corner and its time to spook everyone! However, the real scary thing about Halloween is the waste that gets left over after its all over. Celebrations are important but it is also essential to have a low waste celebration. Karmic Seed...

Zero Waste Chef Talks Food, Going Plastic-Free And More!

Having followed Anne-Marie Bonneau’s work on Instagram for a while (@zerowastechef), we were quite intrigued by her application of zero waste ideology into her kitchen. So we asked her a couple of questions and she was more than willing to grant us all some...

Plastic Free Childhood: Help Our Kids Go Back To Their Roots

Plastic here, plastic there, plastic everywhere. Unfortunately, our generation has grown up around all this plastic waste material. It's gotten so bad that we have even coined a term for it "Plastic Pollution." A question that we ask ourselves at Karmic Seed is "Do we...

Trash-free life is easier than you think!

If you have read our previous blog posts, you must have realized our affinity towards a trash-free life. However, it can be a little intimidating and confusing as to where one should begin. The transition to a trash-free life might seem like a difficult one, but with...

Zero Waste, Agro Waste And More: A Chat With Manju Kumar

Zero waste, agro waste- we've been hearing it all. We have been talking about it in our previous blog posts as well. But what does it mean to actually incorporate these concepts in our daily life? In a rapidly expanding concrete world, Manju Kumar aka 'zero waste...

Consider Agricultural Waste Uses Before You Toss Out Your Kitchen Waste

Why agricultural waste? In our previous blog post we talked about Zero Waste Hierarchy. Towards the bottom of the hierarchy, was the landfill. That is the last place we would want our beautiful natural resources to end up.   Over the past few decades, waste generation...

Zero Waste Hierarchy And How It Will Help You Shop Better

In an environmentally conscious world “ZERO WASTE” has become less of a scientific concept and more of a lifestyle choice. However, for someone just starting out, this lifestyle can seem a bit overwhelming at first. The zero waste hierarchy is a great tool that serves as a guide when making conscious purchasing decisions. Keeping this hierarchy in mind will help you feel more at ease when shopping.

Coconut Bowls And Their Significance In The Modern World

Whеn a сосоnut is cracked open usually the water and copra (aka flesh of the coconut) is consumed, typically what is lеft over is the сосоnut ѕhеll. Unfortunately, today the shell of the coconut is typically burned which adds to carbon emissions in the air that we breathe.

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